Keynote Speakers

Amélie Lamont

"Good for POC: Keeping the tech industry honest"

Amélie is a product designer(d) and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently employed at The New York Times and specializes in using cultural studies and design anthropology to inform her design process and to build the Customer Product Design System. Amélie will be presenting a talk on her organization Good for People of Color.

Kaya Thomas

"Tech is a Tool, Not a Solution"

Kaya Thomas is a senior Computer Science major at Dartmouth College and has interned at Time Inc, Intuit and Apple. In August 2014, she launched We Read Too, an iOS application that showcases a directory of hundreds children's and young adult books written by authors of color. She was a CODE2040 fellow, has been published on TechCrunch, Fusion and Model View Culture, was honored by First Lady Michelle Obama at the 2015 Black Girls Rock Awards and was named a 2016 College Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine.


Intro to Github


Presented by Joe Versoza (NYU)

Have you ever worked on a programming project with more than one person? How did you share your code? Email? Dropbox? With these approaches, it is difficult to track which version of the code is the latest and if there are conflicting changes. Enter: version control, a powerful tool used to collaborate and track changes. In this workshop you will be learning how to use the version control system Git to collaborate and manage your projects.

Make Your Own Personal Website! Intro to Web Development


Presented by Kathryn Hodge (NBC Universal)

Having your own website is a great way to show off your projects and practice web development. Get started on web development with HTML, CSS and some basic Javascript in this workshop.

Intro to iOS


Presented by Erik Batista (Make School)

This workshop should cover the following concepts: working with Xcode, creating and organizing a project, Interface Builder, Constraints and Auto Layout, Object Library, Connecting IBOutlets and IBActions, running the simulator.

Introduction to Web VR

General Interest

Presented by Nicole Stein (Google)

Ever wanted to learn how to use VR? In this workshop you'll learn how to use A-Frame, a web framework for building virtual reality experiences

Accessibility in Action

General Interest

Presented by Courtney Leonard (Vox Media)

In this workshop, we'll discuss the importance of creating inclusive products and dive into Vox Media's accessibility guidelines. You'll learn how the Brand Identity team at Vox Media implements tools to help other creative teams build inclusive compositions without sacrificing brand strength and consistency. At the end of the workshop, we'll build a simple color contrast cheat sheet that's accessible to team members that don't have access to or experience with design applications.

Working with APIs: how to connect your project with other apps

General Interest

Presented by Emily Fan and Stella Kim (Shopify)

Most modern applications are integrated with external apps through APIs. In this talk, we'll explain what APIs are and how to integrate them with your project. We'll also go through some example projects using the Giphy and Spotify APIs, so you can start using APIs right away!


Miriam Ashton


Knows about java, python, web development, film photography and drawing

Erik Batista

Make School

Knows about Swift, html, css, js, skateboarding and public speaking

Rachel Bittner


Knows about Python, Machine Learning, flute, bass, skiing, swing dancing and climbing

Jen Eisenberg

Paperless Post

Knows about Ruby, Rails, Golang, Docker, kickboxing, theatre, singing, traveling to other countries and cooking with local ingredients

Zainab Ebrahimi


Knows about Javascript and muay thai

Emily Fan


Knows about Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, SQL, basic javascript/jquery, community building and civic technology

Kathryn Hodge


Knows about web design, online tutorials, and make a personal site

Stella Kim


Knows about web programming: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, writing, rowing, gaming and aggressive lounging

Courtney Leonard

Vox Media

Knows about branding, research, UX, paddleboarding, maintaining a small jungle inside of her apartment, and taking photos of her dog

Tyler Nappy


Knows about web, hardware, mobile and running

Hannah Park


Knows about web programming, database design, python, C++, vinyasa yoga, making mixtapes, cooking pancakes and manicures

Alex Qin


Knows about web programming, public speaking, dancing and eating

Nicole Stein


Knows about front-end development, tech in education and VR

Tessa Ann Taylor

The New York Times

Knows about web (js, node, react, backbone, css/less/sass, ruby/rails, php), skiing, padding surfing and running

Nicole Zhu

Vox Media

Knows about web development, JavaScript, baking scones, reading and making puns